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Latest Trade Shows

JIS Miami Beach Oct. 2023

JCK Las Vegas Jun. 2023

MJSA New York Mar. 2023

JCK Las Vegas Jun. 2022

MJSA New York  Mar. 2022

JCK Las Vegas Aug. 2021

JUNWEX Moscow  Sep. 2019

JCK Las Vegas  Jun. 2019

MJSA New York  Mar. 2019

Manufacturing World Japan  Jan. 2019

IMTS Chicago  Sep. 2018

JCK Las Vegas  Jun. 2018

Mira-5, Mira-6 Videos

large Stone Ring Mar. 2022

Turn Milling Feb. 2022

Raims Ring Feb. 2022

Engagement Ring Dec. 2021

The Key Dec. 2021

Men’s Ring Oct. 2021

Ladies Fancy Ring Oct. 2021

Eternity Diamond Band Jun. 2021

Saxophone Jun. 2021

Engagement Diamond Ring  Jan. 2021

Two-Tone Ring  Jan. 2021

Diamond Ring  Jan. 2021

Wedding Band  Dec. 2020

Engagement Ring  Dec. 2020

Emerald Ring  Dec. 2020

Wedding Band  Dec. 2020

Solitaire Ring  Nov. 2020

Engagement Ring  Dec. 2020

Crucifix by Raims  Oct. 2020

Cross by Raims  Nov. 2020

Men’s Ring  Oct. 2020

Pendant  Jul. 2020

Basket Setting  Jul. 2020

Aries Pendant  Jul. 2020

Test Ring  May. 2020

Virgin Mary  Jun. 2020

Tiger King  Apr. 2020

Jimi Hendrix  Apr. 2020

Buddha Waves & Koi Fish  Apr. 2020

Pendant  Nov. 2017

Engagement Ring  Mar. 2020

Michael’s Dragon  Jun. 2019

Lary David  Apr. 2020

Vestal Virgin  May. 2019

Bangle  Nov. 2017

Warrior’s Ring  Dec. 2019

Skull  May. 2019

Panther Ring  May. 2019

“Thriller”  Mar. 2018

A Dogs Journey  Dec. 2019

Roses de Raims  Mar. 2018

Ring  Aug. 2018

Mira X7 Videos

Metal Bust Milling  Aug. 2018

Titanium Octagon Ring  Mar. 2020

Tool Changing System  Aug. 2018

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